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Billion Dollar Businesses

No Capital investment.

Live Session With Dr. Vivek Bindra

Participation in Brand Events to Support Sales

Q&A With Dr. Vivek Bindra

Market Relevent & Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Product Basket (EAE & PSC)

Leadership Funnel Program

Print, Electronic & Digital Marketing Brand Promotion Support.

240 Premium videos

Ready made infrastructure & office setup support.

Enhance Your Learnings

Executive sales & operational training with world class award winning content.

Track Of Your Learnings

Periodic webinar Interactine by Dr. Vivek Bindra.

Track Of Your Learnings

Technology support via CRM

Track Of Your Learnings

Free Tablet for self learning & Sales Demonstration.

Track Of Your Learnings

Lucrative and Aggressive Income Slabs

Track Of Your Learnings

Channel Partner Support to Close Sales Leads.